Stylishly visible

Pedestrians should make sure they are highly
visible even beyond the dark winter months so
that the other road users can identify them in
time. Reflective bags, clothes or accessories ensure
added safety.

Refloactive’s gym bag made of reflective, silver-
coloured material rounds off the outfit in style
and is not only well-visible in the dark, but also
proves very practical. The material is weatherresistant
and can be imprinted; the drawstring
bag measures 38 x 40 cm.

The reflective strips for sports shoes made
from material by AGR and 3M increase the visibility
of the wearer. The 2 x 3 cm strips that come
as a pack of two are simply attached to the shoelaces.
According to the manufacturers, both the
gym bag and the shoe reflectors comply with the
DIN EN ISO 13356 norm for reflective products
for non-professional use.


Q&A with Aneta Niciak

The Managing Director of the Refloactive
Niciak Group about reflective promotional
products “made in Europe”.

Mrs. Niciak, which materials do you use
for the reflective products like the silvercoloured
gym bag and what distinguishes
the materials?

We use retro-reflective polyester fabric for
the gym bag, which is used for the reflective
strips on safety vests for example. The fabric
is coated with millions of tiny glass particles
that reflect light back to the source as a luminous
white beam. Of course, we comply with
the respective certification to guarantee the
reflective effect: The material has to comply
with the DIN EN ISO 20471 norm for highvisibility
clothing and the finished product
with the DIN EN ISO 13356 norm for reflective
products for non-professional use.

You import several raw materials from
the Far East, you source others from Europe,
the materials are produced at the
company’s headquarters in Poland. Which
advantages does producing in Europe
bring with it?

We import the reflective, certified AGR Reflomax
foil from South Korea or purchase raw
materials from an authorised distributor of
3M Scotchlite in Poland. We source further
materials from Polish or European producers.
The price is slightly higher than in China, but
the consistent high quality convinces: The materials
correspond with the European standards,
can be processed loss-free and contain
no harmful substances or phthalates. Thanks
to the processing at our location in Poland we
are flexible and are not dependent on Chinese
companies, which is a huge advantage especially
in the wake of the present Corona crisis.
It also enables us to produce special bespoke

Which products are particularly popular?

The following applies for our customers: The
products should be new and interesting, useful,
certified and yet as favourably-priced as
possible. Reflective snap bracelets, (key) pendants
and magnetic clips are always high in
demand. At present our silver-coloured series
of gym bags, jackets, caps, belt bags and reflective
tassles are extremely popular.

How can the reflective materials be customised?

Among others the foils can be individualised
using screen, solvent and digital printing techniques.
The print can be applied on top of or
underneath the reflective layer. Applying the
print to the white base layer has the advantage
that the reflective effect of the coating
is not affected. This customising method is
particularly popular with our Scandinavian
customers and we recommend it in general.
Our own graphic department supports the
customers with the designs – all we need is a
printable logo.

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